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Vascular Occlusions

Pulse MED: Improved Blood Clot Dissolution

Nano-technology designed to target minimally-invasive therapy in Acute Ischemic Stroke (AIS) and other vascular occlusions

Pulse MED™ is an iron based nanoparticle influenced by external magnetic power designed to treat and diagnose conditions current technologies cannot reach. The nano size and magnetic power source can target non-invasive therapy into common diseased vasculature as well as the deepest and smallest vascular beds today’s technologies cannot even explore. This novel platform nano-technology will diagnose and/or treat a wide array of vascular occlusions in a way that is elegant yet revolutionary for physicians and patients.


In stroke, a blood vessel becomes obstructed. When the clot-busting drug is administered, the challenge is getting the medicine where it needs to go. Pulses MED™ (Magnetically-Enhanced Diffusion) overcomes this barrier with a process that may be significantly faster in reaching clots, and as a result, more effective in treating strokes.


Safe and effective products to treat vascular occlusions and achieve reperfusion


Minimally invasive systems easily adoptable by physicians, hospitals, and office based labs

Improve Outcomes

Reduces or eliminates surgical and drug complications

Better Economics

Technologies aimed at transforming outcomes and the economics in treating vascular occlusions

What Physicians Say

“The potential of MED in helping physicians to have further reach, to identify areas of flow hidden by traditional means and to translate in, around and through vascular occlusions could be transformative.”

Craig Walker, MD

Experienced Team

Leading scientific advisory board and team.

Patented Platform

Novel technologies with 5 U.S. patents, 3 International patents, and several patents pending.

NIH Awards

Completed National Institute of Health (NIH) Milestones, recently awarded several new NIH study grants.


Pulse Therapeutics Supports Stroke Awareness Month in May

Stroke is Preventable in 80% of Cases Recognizing Warning Signs, By Adopting Healthy Lifestyle The devastating impact of stroke, the nation’s fourth deadliest disease, is undeniable. Stroke impacts 795,000 people each year, according to the American Heart Association/American Stroke Association (AHA/ASA).…

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