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Companies To Watch: Pulse Therapeutics

By Jim Pomager in Med Device Online

Magnetically spinning nanoscale particles may overcome a major barrier to effective stroke treatment — helping clot-busting drugs traverse stopped arteries.

Pulse Therapeutics has developed a mechanical thrombolysis technology that accelerates the delivery of clot-busting drugs to a clogged artery. The Magnetically Enhanced Diffusion (MED) System consists of intravenously administered nanoscale iron particles and a patient-side workstation, whose rotating magnet induces the particles to spin within the bloodstream. This activity creates flow towards the clot in otherwise stagnant vessels, bringing medications to the clot site 40 times faster than normal. The company has filed an early feasibility investigational device exemption (IDE) with the FDA, and anticipates beginning clinical trials to evaluate the device for stroke treatment later this year.

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