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Pulse Therapeutics is proud to announce its merger with ICHOR Vascular and the subsequent creation of Euphrates Vascular. For more information, contact CEO Sean Morris.

TV coverage on Pulse Therapeutics’ MED System

Pulse Therapeutics’ MED System was featured on an Australian television health report about its trials in Melbourne.

A transcript of the video:

Melbourne patients trial new technology to combat stokes. The therapy speeds up the delivery of drugs to the brain to prevent permanent damage.

Doctors have only a small window in which to give clot-busting medication.

Box Hill hospital taking part in world first trial to see if they can speed up the process. The key is this machine. Inside is a magnet that reacts to iron particles that are injected into a patient drawing medication faster and closer to the brain clot.

Getting to hospital quickly after a stroke is vital because early and effective treatment means it is less likely that a patient will suffer permanent disability.

The sooner the blood clot is removed, the sooner you have a healthy restoration of blood flow to the brain.

It’s new hope for the 60,000 Australians who suffer a stroke each year.

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