A Revolutionary System

ICHOR has developed a one size fits all system that replicates the parameters of surgical embolectomy with reduced surgical / drug complications, no blood loss, and eliminates the need for general anesthesia.

The technology is easily adoptable by interventionalists and incorporates a health economic element that will make ICHOR a first line therapy for to treat the primary obstructions and allow for easy treatment of the underlying lesion. The ICHOR system will be ideal for treating acute to lengthy organized thrombus that today’s devices fail to remove.


“ICHOR is a much needed technology for treating peripheral arterial disease (PAD) in the lower limbs. Current technologies do not deliver the desired therapeutic results and I believe the ICHOR technology can deliver conclusive therapy with a design that is both elegant and intuitive. Lack of reasonable therapies will make ICHOR a go-to device.”

- Dr. J A Mustapha, FACC, FSCAI, Entrepreneur

Idea to Reality

“The idea occurred to me while working with my Vascular Surgery partners during routine embolectomy procedures…”


A percutaneous approach (less invasive)

Minimal-no drug required (fewer complications)

No general anesthesia required

A safe and effective same day treatment option

Addresses the non-surgical candidates


An elegant yet disruptive solution

1-2 year expected returns

Well vetted “get to market” strategy

Low risk development model

Solid product lines for Strategics (>80% margin)


Low cost treatment option with no capital outlay

Avoidance-reduction of costly drug therapies

Reduces hospital stays and ICU time

Health economics as a 1st line therapy



Minimally invasive technology

Specifically designed for lower limb reperfusion

One size fits all system

Incorporates what works in surgery

Efficient, easy to adopt into your practice