ICHOR Featured in MedTech Strategist

ICHOR was recently featured in MedTech Strategist in the “Start ups to Watch” by senior writer Mary Stuart. The two-page article discusses how ICHOR Vascular is bringing the benefits of a minimally invasive procedure to Arterial Embolectomy.

Acute limb ischemia, the sudden occlusion of a peripheral artery by clot or other embolic material, is a life- and limb-threatening condition that affects a significant number of people. Less than stellar outcomes after surgical arterial embolectomy haven’t improved in 30 years, despite the implementation of multidisciplinary team approaches to managing the condition. ICHOR Vascular hopes to change that with an easy-to-use, one-size-fits-all percutaneous device.


  • Despite efforts to refine arterial embolectomy surgeries, outcomes haven’t changed in 30 years
  • Unmet clinical need: A nonsurgical way to treat acute limb ischemia and significant embolic events
  • ICHOR’s Panacea, a percutaneous one-size fits all (above-the-knee and below-the-knee) arterial embolectomy system

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